Trip reports

Here you can find my personal tripreports which will give you a better idea of what we do.
Together with the photographs (see the Photoalbum pages) of the project.

So click on the link  ➡ in the first column for the entire trip report of that year.

➡ Report 2018

When I arrived in Kandy I was delighted to see that
all 141 boxes arrived at Amma’s place

➡ Report 2017

This year I went earlier than normal.
My daughter would do her O-level exams in May

➡ Report 2016

This year was a special year. I was there during the
Summer and not in April/May

➡ Report 2015

Gamani had had an eye operation and couldn’t carry or do anything

➡ Louisa Foundation

In 2015 we got from the Louisa Foundation 15.000 euro

➡ Report 2014

 After teaching in the morning I rushed to the airport to get on my flight

➡ Report 2013


This year was a special year as my daughter and my partner Alfred joined me on my work trip to Sri Lanka.

➡ Report 2012

 What a culture shock but what a happening.

➡ Report 2011

 This year it will be a shorter  report as normally because it didn’t go as planned.

➡ Report 2010 

 To find donors it a difficult task. People are very willing to give stuff,

➡ Report LC Packaging 2010

 They gave us 1.000 euro.

➡ Report Rina Franzen 2010

 My angel gave me € 1500,00 to spend on anything we would find important

➡ Report 2009

 Hello everybody. I left this year for Sri Lanka on the 18th April and came back on the 9th May

➡ Report 2008

 I was so happy to have made it again to Sri Lanka with some money, no boxes

➡ Report 2007

 Dear friends,This year I like to tell you something about our sponsors

➡ Report 2006

 The packing up and sending of the 350 boxes was not great fun

➡ Report 2005

 After many problems with the container, such as the bill of loading