Kinigama School – Waiting for a Sponsor


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Kinigama Primary school
Uduwa , Galagedara.

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This school is located in Central province of Sri Lanka. This is very poor village, and very difficult to find the jobs for the people who live here. They have to walk few kilo meters to the nearest Rubber estates for the work. Special in rain seasons they can’t find the work because Rubber trees need sunshine to give the rubber milk. Most of the people are having big struggle to find their daily food. The result is they can’t afford for the children’s education. They have a school in the village with very little facilities.  If we can improve the facilities of the school and help children to continue the education then the poverty of the people will change in the future. The school has 82 the poorest children who are studying from grade one to eleven. They have a  very good principal who tries to find help to continue the school going on, and 15 teachers who work for very small salaries. Their school buildings are in very bad shape and need immediately repairs and the toiled facilities are so very bad and unhygienic for everybody. They don’t have proper water system also. The students who go for the government examinations need facilities for their subjects like science, home science but there are no laboratories or any other way to do their practical work. There is no library for the children to improve their reading skills.  There is no playground for the small children to play.


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84 K Chalani Mihirangani

084 Chalani-1 084 Chalani-2

Date of Birth: 28.10.2010
She joined Kinigama Junior School in 2016 for grade one. Her father has a job in a paint shop and from that salary they can live their day to day life. She has two brothers also getting education.  If we can help this little girl’s education it will be a great help for all of them.




At the moment there are more children waiting for a sponsor.
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