Kolugala School – Kinderen die gesponsord worden

1. KO Hashan Ramash 

5. KO Hansika Sanjeewani

Date of Birth: 03.01.2007 Grade: one in 2012 – she has one brother and her father past away few years back. They are living with grandmother. Mother has no job but grandmother get some money from the government because she had son who was serving in the army and past away. They all have to live from that money but they have major problem to send this little girl and her brother to school for their education. 

6. KO Kavishka Niroshan

9. KO Beggya Sathsarni 

Grade: one in 2012 – she has one brother and mother has left them when they were small. Father is a laborer in the village. He earn some money to keep the children in good health and give them a good care and he want to give them a proper education for that he need some help.

10. KO Sewwandi  Ratnayeke 

Date of Birth: 19.03.2003
Grade: four in 1012 – she has two brothers and they lost their both parents when they were young.  After that grand mother is looking after them. She has small income to keep them alive.  She loves to come to school and be with the other children and get the education. 

11. KO Nimesh Kavinda 

Date of Birth: 21.08.2003
Grade: four in 2012 – he has four brothers in his family and no father to help them. Mother is trying to keep them in good health and love to give them proper education. She has very little income because of that needs lot of help to give the children proper life. 

18. KO Kalana Danushka   

Date of birth: 22.01.2008
Grade: one in 2013 – he has three brothers are already going to school. He is waiting till his chance to come. The parents has very little income to send all of them to school but they want to give all of them good education. 

19. KO Asire Sheven   

Date of Birth: 23.09.2007
He has lost his father few years ago. Mother is trying her best to keep him in good health and give him a good education. She has no job get some help from her old parents to keep them healthy. 

20. KO Janith Dinuka   

Date of Birth: 21.06.2007
His father left him and his brother when they were small. Mother also left them with her parents and went to work in Middle East as a house maid. She is not helping for them, with financially too. Old grand mother and grand father have to look after them with their small income. 

21. KO Sudesh Lasantha

Date of Birth; 2003.12.13.

He has three younger brothers in his family. He is very hard working child at home as well as in the school. The parents are very poor but are trying to find the way to give the children education.


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