Kolugala Junior School

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teachers of the school

School Name: Maha/Kolugala Junior School

When we (Ramani and I) first walked to Maha/Kolugala Junior School in 2011, it was in ruins and there was not even a road to come close by, so we had to walk up the hill to reach it.

Within two years, we made a big impact to the school with help of The R.K. school The Ark in Heemstede. The children of this school raised money by helping and selling items, a swim marathon and the children sat up a ”business”. Hereby, they bought and sold items with a profit.

First, we helped with the road so we could use it to transport all the materials to this place. Then, we have done all the necessary repairs to the buildings/furniture and the staircase. The old, almost not existing, playground was made into a safe and beautiful playground with a protection fence. A very old part of the school was transformed into a new library with many new books. A new stage was built with the assistance of stagingspecialists.co.uk for the children to perform their talent. The school got a new office room. They completed the water supply to both buildings and necessary places and got proper toilet facilities.

We even managed to give them a store room for all the tools and extra furniture. In the mean time, we were helping all the children at the school with their uniforms, shoes, shocks and all the stationary which they need for the academic year. We got many volunteers to help with this work and the education of the children.

The road to the school


 The stair case between two buildings


New libary

library library2

Classrooms before

classroomvefore3 classroomvefore4 classroomvefore1 classroomvefore2

Class rooms now – old, but painted furniture

classroomnow3 classroomnow2 classroomnow1

Painting the school buildings

painting painitng2

New office room

office office2

New stage for the children

New watersystem

water water2

New playground (playgrond before)

playgroundbefore playgroundbefore2

Playground now

playground3 playground2 playground

This school got also a new stage for performances. In 2014 they had for the first time a dance/end of year performance. The children were so happy they could dance, tell a story or do some acting on stage. When you have a look at the photos, pay in mind that everything you see is borrowed from a bigger school in the nearest city. The dance teacher at this school works as well at a  big school in the city. She made this possible. Even the curtains were borrowed. Later that year Ramani gave them as a present their curtains. 

Here are some children who received their schoolmaterials in 2013