Tripreport 2018 Ingrid

On october 2018 I went to Sri Lanka for the fifth time. This time it was not just a holiday. I also went there to help Natasja. After my juni 2018 holiday i got in contact with Natasja. I thought it would be a great idea to help and support her with her foundation. Srilankan-Hope-for-Children. 

I arived at Chitranganie early in the afternoon while Natasja arrived at night. During the following days we visited different schools. I did not know what to expect. 
I accompanied her to  3 elementary schools, where we gave educative toys and games and explaned them, like domino and memory. During this i also learned some things. In my eyes domino was just a game, but i’ve learned now it can also be used to do math. We  went tot he girls home where me and the girls played with the duplo. 

The next day we went to visit the school for homeless kids in the middle of Kandy. We experiencend a price giving, a ceremony for kids finishing school, her this was a amazing experience.

That afternoon we bought school supplies for different schools in the Knuckles which Natasja would be visiting later that week. We also went to a special needs school, this really impressed me. They try to teach the kids as much as they can with almost no supplies. To see how different things are compared to  Holland really puts things into perspective.


The evenings at Chitranganie we filled up different boxes with toys and games to hand out at some schools in the Knuckles. 

To summorize everything i had a couple of very busy yet impressive days with Natasja and the people that help her do amazing work. I am looking forward to be helping out more often.

Ingrid Wester