Our sponsors

LC-PACKAGING is our main sponsor at the moment . It is a packaging company in The Netherlands They have given almost every year a big amount of money. We used to send containers to Sri Lanka but stopped doing this because of the strict ruling at the costums.
Nowadays I still receive items from people, especially clothes and toys. The goods I cannot take with me to Sri Lanka I try to sell or I give them to my mother. She has a project in Bosnië. The money I get from the sale I use to buy items in Sri Lanka for the needy. From 2014 onwards we got to know a  company who takes so now and then bags from us , in their container, to Sri Lanka.

Donations 2019

€ 5.000,00 L.C. Packaging
€ 1.246,00 Christmas Promotion customers
€ 170,00 Ingrid Wester
€ 145,00 Colleagues Ingrid Wester

Donations 2018

€ 5.000,00 L.C. Packaging
€ 40,00 Group 8 of primary school Jong Geleerd from Halfweg

Donations 2017

€ 5.000,00 L.C. Packaging

Donations 2016

€ 5.000,00 L.C. Packaging
€ 2.500,00 Youth4Youth

Donations 2015

€ 5.000,00 L.C. Packaging
€ 15.000,00 Louisa Stichting
€ 750,00 Primary school De Ark in Heemstede (swimming marathon)
€ 1.000,00 Primary school De Ark in Heemstede (buying/selling items making a profit)
  Etos in Heemstede and Haarlem – mini products and parfumes

Donations 2014

€ 4.000,00 L.C. Packaging
€ 1.130,00 Primary school De Ark in Heemstede (buying/selling items making a profit)
€ 110,00 Sale of second hand clothes

Donations 2013

€ 4.000,00 L.C. Packaging
€ 500,00 Rina Franzen
€ 750,00 Primary school De Ark in Heemstede
€ 545,00 Primary school De Ark in Heemstede (buying/selling items making a profit)
€ 150,00 Sale of second hand clothes
€ 38,00 Physiotherapist practice Van Deen (collecting box)
  Etos in Heemstede – parfumes

Donations 2012

€ 750,00 Rina Franzen
€ 3.840,00 Primary school De Ark in Heemstede
€ 445,00 Church in Heemstede
€ 50,00 Janny Hofman
  Etos in Heemstede – lipsticks

Donations 2011

€ 100,00 Vegetable specialty shop in Heemstede (collecting box)
€ 1.500,00 Rina Franzen
€ 40,00 Football Club in Heemstede (collecting box)

Donations 2010

€ 1.500,00 Rina Franzen

Donations 2009

€ 1.000,00 Pacapime in Belgium
€ 1.000,00 Texpeck in Hungary
€ 1.000,00 L.C. Packaging

Donations 2008

€ 1.000,00 L.C. Packaging

In addition to the gifts above, many people donate € 55,- a year to give a child the opportunity to go to school.
See page: sponsor a child

As mentioned earlier, I travel to Sri Lanka every year at my own expense.
I pay my own ticket and bed and breakfast. I severely separate my private and work visits.

Finally, something to think about: Something big can be achieved with something small (money).