Tripreport 2019 autumn – Natasja

I left Holland and was ready to finish my work which I started last April. Then I couldn’t do anything because of the Easter bombings. 

The bags were already packed in April so all I had to do is visiting the schools but that would be a busy programme. I would be visiting around 14 schools and a few homes.

I worked hard, had so now and then a rest, but couldn’t do all schools because of the ongoing rain. 

This Autumn would also be a very special time. It was the 30st time I would be in Sri-Lanka and my friends organised a surprise party for me.

I had a look at the Christmas project (LC Foundations) from last year.

At the town school (not their real name) a horrible, dirty alley was cleaned and painted so the girls could go to the toilet again.

I had a long chat with Nirmala. She runs a home for mentally disabled girls. We talked a lot about the problems special needs children face in Sri Lanka.


I went to visit a new school for homeless kids. It was a wonderful experience. The children were very open and asked me all kind of questions. I gave them a bag with educational materials and next year we will see what else is needed.

I went with Nishanta to 3 nurseries in The Knuckles. It is so beautiful there. We went high up into the mountains to visit very small nurseries.

On the way back we had a cup of tea. The only disadvantage is that you can’t go to the toilet which is quite a” thing” to me.

For the first time ever, I cancelled a trip to Trincomalee. 
I find that the transports costs are getting way out of hand.
I need to find different ways to get to Trincomolee.
I can’t say at this moment what it is, but I have a plan.

I visited quite a few schools/homes for special needs children. 

This time I went back to a school/home I helped more then 14 years ago. I was so happy because the items I had given then, the teachers were still using so they looked after the given materials. The teachers forget how I explained it to them or it just put it in the cupboard. Frightened it will get dirty.

One of my favourite schools which is using the materials is high up in the mountains. I call it the “top view” school because the view is outstanding. You can almost look down on the clouds. The first year I went tot this primary school was 4 years ago.

I ended up spending 1 day in Colombo where I met up with young man Asala. Ramani and I sponsored him 9 years ago. He finished university and for me it was great to meet up. We shared stories and photos. I am very proud of him.

Towards the end of working -holiday I met up with Desiree. I had not seen her for a long time, probably more then 8 years.

She used to live in heart of Colombo. Nowadays she lives about 30 minutes away from Negombo. 
We met up, talked and had a laugh.

We came up with a plan to start to help children in her neighbourhood. So, I will branch out and try to help another area with the help of Desiree.

Before I knew it, my working holiday was over and I have to wait another half year again. Hopefully I can go as I need to get permission from my school.

Natasja Lammers