LC Supports Foundation 2020

Thanks to LC Supports Foundation I had the chance to visit Sri Lanka and see with my own eyes what we are doing there, helping children in more than 40 schools. Boudewijn, Charith and myself visited 3 different schools located near Kandy, in the center region of the country.

During two days we could exchange opinions with the schools principals. They showed us how they are trying to do their best, teaching children from 4-5 to 14-15 years old with limited resources.

I saw :

  • How children were playing hockey with second hand sticks (most of them broken).
  • How some families don’t have enough money to buy new shoes for their children, and the schools are giving them the last pair of shoes they have thanks to us.
  • Some teachers asked us to bring them some photocopy machines. Until now they are doing copies manually. So, if there are 20 children per class the teacher must write the same 20 homework, one “copy” per each student.

Thanks to our help Srilankan-Hope-For-Children could mend some toilets, taps, painted some walls in horrible alleys leading to the toilets . They also provide many schools with toys and educational games such as puzzles.

Luckily I could bring with my luggage some T-shirts/shorts for the Sri Sumangala College children. I gave them the equipment and after that they played a wonderful football match. Believe me if I say that they play much better than some of us. At the end of the game they gave me their gratitude with this present that I want to extend to all of you.

And finally, but not less importantly, I would to give the thanks to:

  • Saman and his wife Kanchana for the interesting chat we had speaking about the projects they have in mind during a delicious homemade dinner.
  • Gamini for the fascinating conversations we had. I was less than 3 days with you and I can honestly say that you are one of the biggest hearted men I have met.
  • Chitranganie for everything: the hospitality, the great food, the stories you told me…
  • Nishanta for giving me the feeling that I was one Sri Lankan citizens. You introduced me to all your friends and we even had the opportunity to play football together.
  • Natasja for your perfect planning that made me enjoy everything I did on the island.

It has been a really good experience. Is good to recognize how the best of us is joined with the best of them to create a solid relationship that is helping needy people.
Luckily LC Supports Foundation will be there for many years in the further future.

Oriol Puig (LC Supports Foundation)