The organisation


From the year 2000 we started to send containers to Sri Lanka.
The content existed of toys, educational materials, clothes, shoes, towels and so on.
This way it was easy to give schools what they needed. Unfortunantely everything has changed. We send no containers anymore because of the problems at the borders.

So we had to come up with another way of doing this project.

Like I said before, everyone going to Sri Lanka will take some items with them from me. My suitcase is full of presents (such as parfume, day/nightcream, knexx and lego, books and chocolate) which is possible as I leave my own suitcase in Sri Lanka.

We buy nursery games, English games and posters and books from a good bookshop which will give us a 5/10 percent discount.

The sandals, schoolbags, umbrellas etc. are bought by one of our helpers in Kandy. He will do that without me as my white face will cost extra money! The shop owner will see me as a tourist and charge double or even triple the money.

So after telling you this you might think how does the project works?

First my contact persons will visit the school/home and will find out if help is really needed.

We will visit  the school/home and together with the person in charge we will come up with a priority list.
We know our budget and decide together what is possible for this year and the years after..

Gamini, Ramani, Kanchana and Chichrangani will keep an eye on the projects and if it looks that the school will misuse our help we stop immediately.

We also stop when we don’t trust the headteacher or when they ask to give the money and want to arrange it themselves.


Our main aim is to help the kids. So a request for paint to repaint the kitchen will be a no.!!
But a request to paint a horrible, dirty toilet will be a yes!!

We normally visit a school/home twice at the time I am there. Once to discuss their needs and say hello and once to give the needed items. We always come with chocolate fingers or a biscuit and try to have a present for the children at a home.

Apart from renovating schools with toilets, playground, white boards and other big things we also help homes/schools with smaller items such as; Flip-flops, umbrellas, t-shirts, schoolbags, chocolatefingers, flask, fans, posters, english games and books, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, cream, dolls, cars, paper, bulbs, cricket sets, cuddles, clothes, shoes, sheets, meals,washing machine, pocket-money etc.

   You can see that with a small donation we can make a big difference!!