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Why did we start this project? About more than 15 years ago the teachers of a poor countryside school asked us if we could help some children. Their parents couldn’t afford the costs of the materials nor the shoes. I decided I couldn’t do this from the given money and after a lot of thought my good friend Ramani and I decided to find parents to help those kids. We asked people then to donate 50,00 euro a year and from that money we would buy  the materials needed to go to  school. We started with 20 children and asked friends and relatives to help us. We had some teething problems but now after 15 years we getting stronger and better and we help now more than 250 kids ,although many more are waiting for a sponsor .  Ramani works together with a educational officer who helps her to find the poorest schools in the jungle around Kandy.

Our most important rule is that NO MONEY is given to parents at all!!!


a class that has just received all the stuff for the new schoolyear

Nowadays we ask the amounts below per child. Because school supplies have become more expensive due to inflation, we unfortunately have to ask for a little more money, although this remains voluntary.

From grade 1 till 6 it is  60,00 euro
From grade 7 till 11 it is 80,00 euro 
Most students stop after this level. The very bright students will continue for their A-level
From grade 12 till 13 it is 100,00 euro ( A level = level similar as ATHENEUM) 

What do we buy from this money?

Grade 1-6 Rupees
one pair of shoes 2.300
uniform 2.200
bag 2.000
two pair of socks 600
tie 300
colour pencils, crayons, water colours 1.600
water bottle, lunch box 1.400
books, pencils and other materials 5.800
Total 16.200


Grade 7-11 Rupees
one pair of shoes 2.800
uniform 2.600
bag 2.400
two pair of socks 800
tie 500
colour pencils, crayons, water colours 2.000
mathematic instrument box 1.300
water bottle, lunch box 1.600
books, pencils and other materials* 6.300
Total 20.300

(*Those include atlas, science book, chart book, special art book, past exam question papers and mathematic books) 15 rupees ( around 8 eurocent) is given to each school for each child per day to have a meal. Normally the school will take on a mum who will cook for all the children of the school. This means that at least once a day children get a proper meal. The mum will earn some money with it as well. Coming back to what are we going to buy of those 60,00 euro I can say the following;  You might wonder how this works in Sri lanka? First the headteacher will give us a list of the poorest children in his/her school. Ramani will have a sort intake with the parent/and of child so see if they qualify to receive materials . Afterwards somebody else will take a photo of the child and Ramani or a teacher from school will take the measurements of his/her foot. This is for the shoes. IMG_6913 IMG_6915 IMG_6910 Around October the sponsor parents will receive a newsletter, photo and drawing of their child. This letter will be an update  and explains as well how to transfer the money into my account. Later on when I have received all the money I will transfer it to Ramani Smits. Mid November Ramani will go tho the wholesale and buy all the items Her house is then full!! Friends will come to help her to sort everything out and to put into the bags. The older the children get the more items they need for their education. 008 010 047 048 If you would like to sponsor you would help us immensely. Of course there is a possibility to stop each year if necessary. If you wish to have a connection with the children you support or if you wish to visit them and their school, we are most willing to arrange it for you. We help 2 schools, click on the link of the school you want to have a look at.

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